Does your Logo Suck?

1.Terrible font

Take Coca-Cola’s logo for instance. It’s unique, readable and iconic. What makes it truly iconic though is the font used. But just imagine this logo with a different font:

coca cola              

Fonts can completely change the look and feel of a logo (and not necessarily in a good way). A common mistake then that many companies make is choosing a font that is either illegible or not appropriate for their brand. Avoid using fonts that are difficult to read. If you want to reflect a professional look to your brand, then go with a classic and timeless font. Depending on your target audience you might choose something more playful and fun.

2. Too Cliche

As much as possible avoid any cliche generic icons been overused in your field of industry. Take for instance these logos.  If you were to see any of these anywhere, none of them will be memorable. Nothing to connect with.

To further illustrate.


But take Microsoft’s logo. Microsoft’s approach was to use ‘Windows’ the lifeblood of their company to represent their brand.

Too much clutter.
Some brands try to reperesemnt every aspect of their brands in their logo design(terrible idea).

At first glance, it looks too crowded. Here the company is trying to be creative with its logo by incorporating different graphics and colors. But there is simply too much going on with the logo.

A simple design not only allows for easy recognition but also makes the logo more memorable.

Your colour sucks.
Color can be tricky. If you have colors that don’t match or aren’t balanced, they’ll throw your entire logo off-key. Utilize what graphics professionals call RGB or CMYK colors, so that your logo looks equally good in print as it does on the Web.
Also, there’s psychology behind colors. Different colors convey different emotions. Humans are just kind of wired that way. Colors are so powerful, they can even shape our behavior.
For instance, yellow can grab attention and create warmth, happiness and joy. Red is an intense color that can stimulate energy, passion or a sense of danger. Blue — popular in logo design — creates feelings of authority, success and loyalty. Many Fortune 500, government, medical logos are blue.

This chart tells you more about color impacts:
Looks Funny when you scale it
Let me just give it to you as it (lol). If you have your logo loosing detail when you scale it to say your facebook dp, or website header logo size, then you have a terrible logo.
A good logo sould be able to fit anywhere. It should be optimized for all media. print, embroidery, black and white, etc. Quick note, stay away from gradients and low contrasting colours.
Not Investing in a Professional Design
Designing a logo is not a simple matter of firing up Photoshop, inserting some graphics, and selecting a font. The entire process when working with a professional graphic designer is rather lengthy which includes:

Design brief and discussions
Market research
Initial sketches
Before pen is put to paper, a great deal of research is needed to better understand the company and their objectives with a new logo. Such projects may also have multiple people working on them and require further revisions. While there is no set price on how much a quality logo costs, you get what you pay for.

A common reason why many company logos suck is simply because many believe they can get a professionally designed logo at a low price.

Sites such as Fiverr are great for certain things but don’t expect a professionally designed logo. Someone getting paid $5 for a logo won’t put in the same effort as a professional graphic design company. So what you end up with is a poorly designed logo that was hastily put together.

So, does your logo suck? If more than one of these five key points describes your logo, you ought to consider updating it. Contact Liquid8 eniuses and really nice people to work with.